A non-surgical procedure, using BOTOX® as a treatment for TMJ disorders.


The TMJ sits right behind a major nerve in the face, which is at the center of a network of nerves that cross and connect throughout the face, head and neck. So when the TMJ is affected, pain can spread throughout the eyes, ears, mouth, forehead, cheeks, tongue, teeth and throat. Even the muscles of the neck and upper back can become involved.

Symptoms can include

  • Constant or repeated episodes of pain or tenderness at the TMJ or in and around the ear
  • Discomfort or pain while chewing
  • “Locking” of the joint in either the open or closed position
  • Chronic pain in other parts of the face lacking an obvious cause
  • A clicking or grinding noise when the jaw is opened or during chewing accompanied by discomfort or limitation of movement


How BOTOX® works for TMJ Pain

A non-surgical procedure, using BOTOX® as a treatment for TMJ disorders is usually quick, straightforward, and effective. Injections are administered at our office in less than 15 minutes.

Most patients experience noticeable improvement within two weeks. BOTOX® will begin to relax the masseter muscle and prevent it from overworking. Sometimes the initial dosage is not enough to decrease the tension in these strong muscles, so you will follow up with our provider two weeks after to be re-evaluated for more injections. This procedure can be completed two to three times a year. An added bonus to relaxing the masseter muscles is the slimmed appearance of the lower face.