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Paul Jorden, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Injector


Paul’s journey in the healthcare domain is marked by a compassionate dedication to enhancing well-being and promoting preventive healthcare measures. As an alumnus of Scottsdale Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing earned in 2007, Paul’s career has been as diverse as it has been impactful, beginning in the high-stakes environment of a Level 1 Trauma Center’s Emergency Room. His expertise is not limited to acute care; it extends through the meticulous realms of spinal surgery, the compassionate care involved in home health hospice, and the supportive practices within behavioral health.

In his latest professional chapter, Paul is fervently expanding his horizons alongside his mentor Aymee, meticulously exploring every facet of the aesthetics industry. This new path is not just a job for Paul, it’s a fusion of his lifelong commitment to health and his curiosity for cutting-edge beauty and wellness solutions.

Paul’s personal narrative is equally inspiring. Living with Type 1 Diabetes, he channels his experiences into empowering others, dedicating his time annually as a medical staffer at Camp AZDA, an organization close to his heart, having once been a camper himself. His advocacy and volunteerism underscore his belief in giving back to the community that has supported him.

When the scrubs come off, Paul is an epicurean of life’s simple pleasures. He revels in the art of cooking, finds solace in the laughter shared with friends, and pursues the thrill of discovery through his travels. With every destination, recipe, or shared moment, Paul embraces the beauty of life, reflecting the same passion he brings to his professional endeavors.

Paul’s favorite treatments that we offer at Wilson Aesthetics Beauty + Wellness includes DiamondGlow facials and the Wilson Weight Loss Rx Program!