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Forget diamonds… Brows are a girl’s new best friend!

Remember that brow pencil that never looks quite right and is always a little bit smudged by lunchtime? Toss it, sis. Gone are the days of over-plucked 90’s brows. Or maybe you’ve got jungle brows that need taming. Lucky for you I’ve wrangled a brow or two.

Lip Blush!

Smudge proof, kiss proof, snack proof lip color! Yes, I said it… Snack proof lip color, these lips are not going anywhere! No more lipstick on your teeth, glass, or anywhere else. This no-maintenance lip color is as easy as gloss & go!


Ombre Brow


(This is a two-step process that requires a touch up 4-8 weeks after the initial session.)

Ombre is a technique that uses a special machine to create a soft, powdery makeup look. When freshly done, these brows may look very bold, but fade to a very soft and natural-looking brow. This technique is great for all skin types but is especially recommended for those with oily skin, large pores, thin or mature skin, and previous work in the brow area. This lasts roughly 2 years, but annual touch-ups are recommended.

Lip Blush

Lip Blush is coming soon! Stay tuned for available appointments with Reagan!

Brow Threading

30 minutes

Eyebrow threading is a form of epilation. The process removes the entire hair, including the root, rather than cutting it. A thin piece of thread is used during the process. Brow threading is a quick and easy appointment, you’ll be in and out in less than 30 minutes!


The eyebrow area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive, and non-irritated.
Here’s how to get your skin ready for the procedure:
– Do not pick/tweeze/wax the area for at least one week before the procedure
– Do not tan two weeks prior to the service (or have a sunburned face)
– Do not have any type of facial for at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure
– Do not work out the day of the procedure
– Do not have botox for at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure
– Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior to the procedure (they are natural blood thinners)
– Do not dye/tint your eyebrows for at least 5 days prior to the procedure.

For 48 hours before your appointment:
– Do not drink alcohol (thins the blood which can lead to bruising or excessive bleeding)
– Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief (these also thin the blood, Tylenol/Acetaminophen is okay as it does not thin the blood)

For 48 hours before your appointment:
– Do drink LOTS of extra water, hydrated lips are easier to work with and hold color more evenly
– Do exfoliate your lips 48 & 24 hours before your appointment (you can use a damp washcloth or a homemade sugar scrub to do this)
– Do not drink alcohol (thins the blood which can lead to bruising or excessive bleeding)
– Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief (these also thin the blood, Tylenol/Acetaminophen is okay as it does not thin the blood)

Day 1
Yay for new brows! They will feel tender and sore for the first few hours. Keep them clean and do nothing until tomorrow morning!

Days 2-7
(After washing your hands)
Using your fingertips, GENTLY rinse the brows with lukewarm water in the morning and at night.
Pat dry with a clean paper towel or tissue.
(Don’t worry, this won’t wash all the pigment out!)

Days 2-5
Using a clean cotton swab, apply a small amount (about the size of a grain of rice) of aftercare ointment to each brow in the morning and at night. (Or use as needed, i.e. when brows feel tight, dry, and/or itchy)
(Keep those babies healthy and moisturized!)
– Don’t pick, scratch, or pull at any scabs that may form.
– Don’t go into hot tubs, steam rooms, public pools, lakes, or the ocean until brows are completely healed.
– Don’t take long, hot showers. Try to keep showers short and cool, as sweating and/or steam can draw the pigment out.
– Don’t put your face directly into the shower stream. Try to keep the brows dry during the shower, and wash them following the above instructions after your shower.
– Do keep makeup and skincare products (except aftercare products) away from the brows until they are completely healed.
– Do keep brows out of the sun (including tanning beds) for the first 4 weeks. After the first 4 weeks do apply sunscreen before exposing the brows to the sun. Also, try to wear a hat as often as possible when outdoors. (Sun exposure can change the color of the brows.)
– Do try to sleep on your back for the first week so your eyebrows don’t end up all over your pillow.
– Do contact me with ANY questions! (I’m here for you girl!)
Do come back for your 4-8 week touch up!! (This is MANDATORY and NON-NEGOTIABLE) (This is a two-step process that requires a touch up for desired results).

For most people, no. Numbing cream is applied throughout the process to minimize any discomfort, but everyone reacts differently to the numbing cream. I will check with you before starting and periodically during the process to make sure you are not experiencing any discomfort. I will also encourage you to let me know if you experience any pain or discomfort so that I can take steps to solve that issue.

The goal is for this process to be completely painless, and most of the time that is achieved. However, in some cases, clients can be resistant to the numbing cream. As a general rule, if you numb well when you see the dentist, then you will be just fine.

In the traditional sense of a “tattoo”, no, permanent makeup (PMU) is not a tattoo. It has the same concept of placing pigment in the skin, but there are many differences. PMU does not go nearly as deep as a tattoo. The pigment used is formulated specifically for PMU, so it will fade true to color.

This is a “semi-permanent” cosmetic procedure. It will fade over time, to varying degrees. Touch-ups are recommended every 12-24 months in order to keep the brows looking fresh. The touch-up range varies widely as everyone holds color differently. Please access the booking site to see the current cost for touch up appointments.

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